health insurance coverage in america Articles

health insurance coverage in america Articles

Report Proposes Plan for Extending Health Care Coverage to All U.S. Residents (Medical News Today)
"Change in Challenging Times: A Plan For Extending and Improving Health Coverage," Health Affairs : Center for American Progress President and CEO John Podesta, Senior Fellow Jeanne Lambrew and Associate Director of Domestic Policy Teresa Shaw in a Health Affairs Web exclusive propose a plan that would provide health insurance for all U.S. residents by combining employer-sponsored health

Health coverage alphabet soup: HMO, PPO, FSA, HSA (The Milwaukee Business Journal)
Twenty-five years ago, most people had traditional, or indemnity, insurance plans, according to the group America''s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Someone with indemnity (fee-for-service) insurance could go to any doctor, hospital or other provider, and both the insurance company and the patient would pay a portion of the bill.

Health insurance program to help Cat part-timers (Peoria Journal Star)
Caterpillar Inc. hopes its participation in a program to give access to health insurance for millions of uninsured will help the company in a couple different ways.

Insurance options cut travel risk (InsideBayArea)
PICKING OUT the right vacation spot requires some research. The same can be said when it comes to deciding whether to get travel insurance to cover your trip.

Fewer Employers Totally Cover Health Premiums (New York Times)
As old-line American companies - the last bastions of fully paid employee benefits - struggle in global markets, fewer and fewer of them are able to shoulder 100 percent of workers'' health insurance premiums.

Federal government OKs Bredesen''s fix to TennCare (The Milwaukee Business Journal)
The federal government yesterday gave its approval to Gov. Phil Bredesen''s plan to eliminate health care coverage for 323,000 TennCare who do not qualify under traditional Medicaid rules.

Supervisors begin tackling rising health insurance costs (Fort Madison Daily Democrat)
The Lee County Board of Supervisors took a first step in finding ways to control health insurance costs Thursday. The board held a workshop session and met with a risk management consultant.

HSAs gaining favor as health insurance option (The State)
The headlines are ominous: 44 million Americans lack health insurance, voluntarily or otherwise. More than half of them own or work for small businesses.One solution is health savings accounts, which were created by the Medicare prescription drug law of 2003.

No drug coverage? Help is available (Detroit News)
There are low-cost, and, in some cases, free, options for low-income people who have no health insurance or no prescription coverage to get the drugs they need. Unfortunately, the key word is "options."

Top 10 shocks for college grads (MSN Money)
Mom and Dad aren''t there to pay the bills anymore. Are you ready to deal with credit, insurance, student loan payments and the jolt from your first electric bill?