biotechnology consulting - clinical medical

biotechnology consulting - clinical medical

www.autotech-engineering.comAutotech Engineeringwww.eheliosgroup.comThe Helios Group, Inc.www.marketrx.commarketRx Homewww.strategyx.netStrategyxwww.crogroup.comThe CRO GROUP, Inc., ISO 13485, CMDCAS, QSR and Part 11 expertswww.parexel.comClinical Trials Management, PAREXEL International Products...www.downstreamconsult.deDownstream Consult and Protein Purificationwww.biopharmasolutions.comBioPharma Solutionswww.biopharm.comBioPharm Systems: IT Services for Clinical Trials Industry...ourworld.cs.comInternational Biomedical Group consults to, and assists...

Autotech Engineeringwww.autotech-engineering.comFull service pharmaceutical and biotechnology equipment consulting company preventative maintenance and repair of your process critical equipment troubleshoot your equipment problems Employment Opportunities

The Helios Group, Inc.www.eheliosgroup.comWe are a consulting firm specializing in rendering high quality business and operational services to the R&D sectors of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

marketRx Homewww.marketrx.commarketRx provides innovative software based solutions and consulting Services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices companies worldwide combining in-depth domain expertise, sophisticated analytics and technology.

Strategyxwww.strategyx.netA strategic consulting firm dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Strategyx capabilities include managed care consulting, and pharmaceutical product strategy.

The CRO GROUP, Inc., ISO 13485, CMDCAS, QSR and Part 11 expertswww.crogroup.comWe are a global consulting organization for medical, biotechnology, and in vitro diagnostic device companies in ISO 13485 and CMDCAS registration preparation, CE Marking, Part 11 and software 510(k)s, and international registrations.

Clinical Trials Management, PAREXEL International Products...www.parexel.comFrom the earliest stages of drug and device investigations through clinical trials and commercialization, our experienced staff, global resources, and advanced technology help you reduce time-to-market, cost, and risk.

Downstream Consult and Protein Purificationwww.downstreamconsult.deDownstreamconsult new frontiers in protein purification. The ultimate site for downstream processing.

BioPharma Solutionswww.biopharmasolutions.comManagement and Communications Consultants to the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries

BioPharm Systems: IT Services for Clinical Trials Industry...www.biopharm.comBioPharm Systems is a consulting and information technology firm specializing in satisfying information system needs of the clinical trials industry. BioPharm''s services includes implementation and hosting of solutions for clinical data management, remote data entry, safety reporting, and trial management systems.

International Biomedical Group consults to, and assists...ourworld.cs.comInternational Biomedical Group consults to, and assists pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in strategic planning, forecasting, disease magnitude assessment, new product development assessment, aquisition analysis, and general business strategies.

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