Super Food To Have Super Health from alkaline foods

Super Food To Have Super Health from alkaline foods

Learn about alkaline foods below.

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Everybody wants to have a long healthy life. Quality alkaline foods can really change your body pH from acid to alkaline. Stop eating for taste. Eat for health. Give up the junk foods with empty calories. Start slow and come off one junk food at a time. Replace it with a healthy snack. Yogurt raisins are a good example of a healthy snack. Your body will adapt. If you try to change to fast you may experience uncomfortable symptoms. If you eat all alkaline foods your body will start to cleanse. This is why I tell you go make the change gradually. I feel you will stay on the new alkaline diet if you make the change slowly. You won’t miss the junk food as much and you won’t be so uncomfortable. Be patient and take it slow.

Are you one of those people who never eat vegs? It is time to make a change. Find or grow some organic foods. You could start with some tomatoes. The tomatoes have fiber, which will help you to eliminate when your body starts cleansing. It not only helps to relieve constipation but it also helps prevent hemorrhoids. Tomatoes help to lower the risk of prostate cancer according to some researchers. The lycopene in the tomatoes is an antioxidant. To learn more about antioxidants click on the link below.


Jerry Baker has some good books on gardening. Another good book I have on gardening is Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman. He grows organic foods all year around and he lives where it is cold.

Back to the list of food with good fiber. Let’s add beans to that list. The have a lot of vitamins and minerals. Try to grow your own or purchase from a local farmer. I’ve read it is best to eat food grown in the area you live in.

Blueberries is in the top 3 of fruits and vegs that have antioxidant power. We put ours in our blueberries in our pancakes for bkf. I’ve heard they improve coordination and memory. Blackberries are good carcinogen fighters. They also contain ellagic acid. What is Ellagic Acid? According to Kurt D. Grange PH.D, “Ellagic acid is formed in raspberries when polymers of gallic acid and hexahydroxydipenoyl (HHDP) are linked to glucose to form compounds of ellagitannins.” “When two gallic acid groups become linked side by side within a tannin molecule, a HHDP group is formed.” When the HHDP group is then bioactively separated from the tannin molecule, it spontaneously rearranges itself into subunits we call Ellagic Acid.” He also says “Ellagic Acid is found in red raspberries, strawberries, walnuts, pecans, pomegranates, and cranberries.” The red raspberries has the most of ellagic acid it them. Eating the red raspberries helps the liver to detox. Let’s get back to our list of fiber again. Raw nuts provide good fiber and protein. Almonds and Brazil nuts are said to be alkaline.

Cantaloupe has vitamin C. For extra Vitamin C you can take a powdered form with minerals. The minerals help to buffer the acid the Vitamin C produces. Click on the link below for more info on Vitamin C.

For a wonderful healthy fruit try grapes. I am purchasing organic grapes at my local Wal-Mart store. I saw in the news recently where Wal-Mart is going to sell more organics. It’s already happening at my local store. This is really good news. Most of the time you really need to shop at several stores to find organic alkaline food and other healthy foods. Remember to eat less but eat quality. If you can afford to spend more money on food and you eat alkaline food you will find they are usually lower in calories. Nuts are high in calories. Make sure you do get enough calories though. Most people are getting more calories than they need.

To drink or not drink? Red wine has the antioxidant resveratrol. It helps clean up free radicals. The problem is to get enough to do dome real good it would takes more glasses than you should drink per day. My advise is just don’t get drunk. Have a glass to help you relax.

Whole grains are good for us because of the nutrients we get from them. The also provide fiber. Try millet if you haven’t yet. It is bland but you can add some fresh fruit. Millet is an alkaline food.

Now to the greens. We do very much need to eat salads. If you use salad dressings, purchase an organic one. Try Kale. If you don’t know how to cook it fill out my ask a nurse from and ask for a kale recipe or any other questions you might like to ask me that are health related. Remember most fruits and vegs are alkaline food that will help make you healthy .For you to have an acid alkaline balance you do need some acid foods but most people do eat lots more acid than alkaline.

To give yourself a jump-start to alkalize if you can’t afford organics or to alkalize faster be sure to click on the link below. Our alkaline products includes colloidal silver. Find out more about this natural antibiotic by clicking on the link below that says colloidal silver. I also have a three-step plan to restore health with health food supplements.Remember you need lots of alkaline foods and when you can''t drink more of your x2o water.

Grow you own herbs.They help to alkalize your body.

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Alkalize with mineral water if you can''t do it with alkaline foods. colloidal silver I drink raw goat mild. It has enzymes that help the liver and digestion. I now a man that cleared up stomach ulcers with raw goat milk. The person you purchase it from must know how to handle it properly. You can drink at your own risk. I will say I have never been sick from raw milk. I grew up on raw cow milk on the farm. I have been drinking raw goat milk for years. The raw goat milk is another alkaline food and the raw cow milk is an acid food. As you can see the raw goat milk is the better choice. Always choose alkaline food where possible and raw food where possible.

I could keep writing but I feel this is enough info on alkaline food to get you started in making a lifestyle change. The AARP magazine just came in the mail. I found lots of good articles on living longer. Educate yourself. Thanks for visiting one of my many web pages.

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