If You Want to Avoid Golf Injuries, Shape Up!

If You Want to Avoid Golf Injuries, Shape Up!

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If You Want to Avoid Golf Injuries, Shape Up!

Injuries are very common with any type of sport. You can often avoid getting injured in a particular sport, however, by finding out what injury is most likely to occur, and then taking precautions to avoid it. Naturally, there’s no guarantee that, even then, you won’t get injured. That’s why it is beneficial for you to be in good physical shape. It will make your getting injured less predictable or, at least, less traumatic. The most critical thing that you can do is to be sure that you have the proper fitness level prior to starting to play a sport, such as golf. You just might keep your body safe from injury if you follow these general guidelines: Perpetuate a healthy lifestyle; make sure your joints are mobile and your muscles are limber; prepare your body prior to activity; use proper form and good postures while actively playing; give yourself sufficient cool down and relaxation time.

Amateurs and pros alike can sustain golf injuries, but most amateurs are willing to stop playing and recuperate. However, nearly a third of pro golfers play injured at any given time. The good news is that a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness can actually decrease golf injuries or even prevent them totally.

Proper body strength in the muscle zones most used when golfing is very important. However, it’s essential to determine that your spine is in healthy alignment and that it has good mobility before you set out to build muscle strength. A proficient golf swing hinges on your spine’s facility to efficiently move in a rotational fashion. Back injuries are the most widespread kind of injuries experienced by golfers. Your chiropractor will establish that your spine is in proper alignment and that there is effectual movement of the vertebrae. Chiropractic care can make a big difference in helping you to avoid back injury.

A day on the golf course that remains injury-free depends on how prepared you are for the game, so once you’re “straightened,” you’ll need to strengthen and gain more flexibility. Warming up your muscles by doing golf-specific stretching and flexibility exercises, is a must in order to make muscle strain less likely. Full body flexibility can be gained fairly quickly through range of motion (ROM) exercises, and elastic band condition can provide targeted golf range of motion advantages and increase needed strengthening of shoulders, hips, and the deep muscles of the core. Your chiropractor and other sports professionals are adding elastic band training to their golf conditioning programs because they supply the dynamic resistance that ordinary weight lifting does not.

Quite a few golfers suffer from “Golfer’s Elbow” along with back injuries. Despite the fact that golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow are nearly the same injuries, there is a minute difference between them. Tennis elbow impinges the outside of the upper arm whereas golfer’s elbow impinges the inner arm. Golfer’s elbow, like tennis elbow, can result from a single intense action, such as (in golf) hitting the mat at the driving range or striking a hard fairway surface. Although, it generally is produced by repetitive stress from smaller shocks. Moreover, it can happen to those who all at once start playing too much golf. As a case in point, if those that usually play golf once or twice a month elect to play in a tournament, they are conceivably at risk for developing the injury.

Why so many golf injuries compared to other sports? Golf makes unique physical demands. Just for starters, he game is ordinarily longer than many other sports and can fatigue the body. Fatigue can result in poor posture and lack of coordination. These two factors combined can produce an assortment of injuries. Additionally, the shoulder muscles are susceptible to injury as a result of the repetitive swinging of the golf clubs. That is why to avoid injuries it is essential for you to stretch and warm up before you start your golf game and to rest your body between games.

An unexpected injury sometimes related to golf is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But, as it a problem that occurs as the result of repetitive stress, a numerous amount of games of golf played over several months continuously may produce this injury. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be a severe injury creating incapacitation and sometimes needing surgery. However, chiropractic management and, sometimes the use of a brace will relieve the problem if a health professional, such as your chiropractor, discovers it at an early stage.

The majority of golfers appear to think that injuries are merely an inevitable part of a golfer’s life, but there is much that you can do to make your golfing experience less risky. Begin with an aligned and flexible spine, strengthen with appropriate exercise and muscle conditioning, reach and maintain an appropriate fitness level for the game, and be sensible. Be prepared for your game with a good warm up and get the recuperation you require after your game is over. You might just make your golfing experience totally injury-free!

Dr. Yong Kim has a chiropractic practice in Sacramento California. He has over thirteen years of experience helping thousands of patients get out of pain and get their lives back. His office is located at 1707 Professional Drive, Sacramento, CA 95825. He has special training and interest in the area of athletic injuries. For more information go to his websitewww.sacramentochiropractor.org

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