Female pubic hair waxing, it necessary? - Pregnancy Health

Female pubic hair waxing, it necessary? - Pregnancy Health

Female pubic hair waxing, it necessary? - Pregnancy Health

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Female pubic hair waxing, it necessary?

For some women shave (waxing) pubic hair is important to do. So how important is hair to be shaved?

Andrology expert Prof Dr. dr. Sp Nukman Moeloek And recognize the pubic hair does not always have to be shaved. “If ya want to stay razor blades, if not that’s okay too. The important thing is keep it clean,” said Prof Nukman.

In addition to its cleanliness factor, many men claim to love her vagina without hair because it looks more sexy. True?

“It still depends on perception of each person. There was a love like that, some are not disputed,” said Prof. Nukman.

According to Professor of Andrology and Biological Medicine, University of Indonesia, hair growth usually stops after two months. So long pubic hair was not long continue to rise although not shaved.

But that is not shaved pubic hair are at risk as the development of bacteria if not cleaned properly. But if cleaned properly, bacteria will not grow there.

“As with any hair, though long but if it is clean, so no problem.” he said.

Razor is a very popular weapon of choice to remove pubic hair. For most people, this treatment technique is a good solution compared with cutting techniques. Must be considered, trim pubic hair with a razor blade should be done after wet with warm water.

“Before shaved, do not forget soap moistened and given first so smooth and easy shave,” said Prof. Nukman.

In addition to shave with a razor techniques, other techniques that can be used is the technique of electrolysis, laser, waxing (wax) or using hair removal medication.

Technique electrolysis can permanently remove pubic hair in just one treatment, but are quite expensive. While waxing technique is not recommended because it causes pain in the pubic tools which are very sensitive. Want shaved or not, that pubic hair would be kept clean.

“What is clear, all that exists in human beings is a gift from God, so must always be maintained,”concludes Prof. Nukman. OKEZONEDOTCOME

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