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Drybees Hybrid All in One Diaper

Back to school with a new bloggerHello! My name is Christine Graham-Garo, and I am the newest addition to the Baby Health blog. Im a nutrition specialist and I work with Sarah and Steven here at Nutricia North America. A little about me - I grew up in Miami and received my Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics and nutrition from Florida International University. Since then, Ive worked in hospitals in Florida and in North Dakota (hubby was stationed there for the military). Just recently, the hubs and I settled into a cozy little place in Northern Virginia and I joined the nutrition team at Nutricia North America. I am very excited to begin this blogging adventure and the time couldnt be better EUR starting something new as summer winds down always makes me think of the excitement of back-to-school when I was growing up. I know its hard to believe its that time of the year again, but traffic is beginning to pick up and the big yellow buses will soon fill the streets. Its a busy time for any parent, but when your child has allergies, it can be more stressful than most. Anything from craft projects to birthday parties may cause concern! Here are a few suggestions to help your child start the school year off right and to ease your mind as an allergy parent!

Meet the TeacherMeet with your childs teacher before the beginning of every school year EUR especially if he or she is new, but dont forget the familiar faces as theyll likely benefit from a refresher on your childs condition. Make sure the teacher understands the condition and emergency procedures and ask about any activities or lessons he or she has planned that involve food. Offer to help find alternatives that everyone can enjoy (i.e. plastic beads instead of candies for counting exercises).

Plan Ahead for LunchIf your child relies on formula like Neocate, make arrangements with the school to allow him or her to either spend lunchtime doing a quiet activity with the school nurse or secretary, or to bring a coloring/activity book in the lunchroom in place of food. If your little one is allergic to peanuts, talk to the school about a peanut-free lunch table.

Talk to the other ParentsDeveloping a good relationship with the other parents EUR especially those who help out around school EUR will go a long way. Explain your childs condition and ask them to notify you when they bring in birthday treats so you can provide an allergen-free treat for your child or, if your child is on formula, a non-food treat like stickers or something to color.

Introduce Yourself to the 504 PlanSection 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that children with special needs get a level playing field from government services like public school. Depending on the details of your childs food allergy, he or she may qualify for a 504 plan for the school to follow. Check out this entry at Allergy Moms for more.

Along these lines, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology has created a wonderful back-to-school checklist. Click here to see the checklist as well as to download a sample food allergy action plan. The checklists are divided up into three sections: asthma, allergens at school and food allergies at school. This is very helpful for those children with one or multiple allergies.

If you have any questions about me or about going back to school with food allergies, feel free to comment below or email me at babyhealthblog@ecius.net. Im looking forward to a new year of blogging!

Increase in Allergy Friendly Foods!I love reading blogs and articles like this one about allergy and celiac-friendly foods becoming more mainstream.

Even though we often dont want to tell our allergy children, it can be tough, and even scary, to take them out to dinner or to a grocery store. However, lately Ive noticed that restaurants and grocery stores around the country are beginning to offer more allergy friendly foods.

According to the Washington Post, marketing to food-sensitivities is becoming widespread and will continue to grow as the number of food allergies rise. Even the Girl Scouts are making a milk-free version of their cookie!

Ive noticed this in my personal life. Just the other day, I walked into Whole Foods and there was a display of gluten-free brownie mix at the register. At restaurants, Ive noticed the new asterisks on the menus, leading to a note at the bottom that states EUR

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