Diet Pills Versus Regular Fitness Workouts

Diet Pills Versus Regular Fitness Workouts

It’s in the nature of man to try and find the easiest way to solve his problem. Believe it or not there is no need to debate that statement. Therefore it is understandable when people who are worried about their weight turn to a quick fix, in other words the easiest solution. In the weight loss industry that quick fix will be no other than the amazing “Diet Pill”. You pop one or two pills in your mouth on a daily basis and PUFF! problem solved. What can be easier than that? Nothing really! But what are the consequences of such a fix? What are the sacrifices being made?

Most pills on the market today can be considered one of two types:

1. Placebos: main ingredients are sugar and chalk. Right away we can see that this drug is of no use to us as a weight loss remedy.

2. Ephedra/ Ma Huang: these are pills that contain the drug Ephedrine, similar to amphetamine.

There are a number of side effects associated with diet pills. Vomiting, heart palpitations, insomnia, strokes, kidney failures, miscarriages, raised blood pressure, constipation, nausea, anxiety and heart attacks are just some of the problems that can be attributed to the use of diet pills. With such risks as part of the equation, one can safely say that the pill is definitely not a healthy choice.

On the other hand it has been proven that regular fitness workouts will have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs), increase muscle mass and improve mobility & coordination. This practice will result in a longer and healthier life.

Some may argue that while that is true, the long boring daily exercises are a major deterrent. There is definitely too much work involve in gaining and maintaining a well defined feminine physique or toned masculine body. I will rebut and say that no one should deprive his or herself from living a healthy and productive life in today’s world. Research as shown that short intense interval workouts will achieve the same results as those long and boring cardio exercises. Yep! There are workouts that are enjoyable and only take fifteen minutes a day, three days a week. It have been tested and proven that you will be able burn fat and tone your body in that short space of time.

To conclude I will say to avoid diet pills like the plague. They’re harmful to your body and deprive users of a long and healthy life. Instead try one of the many fat burning and fitness workouts around today, such as the “Turbulence Training System”.