It’s Thoughtful Thursday! A few words=many smiles!

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! A few words=many smiles!

Everyone has that little habit or quirk that bugs them if it isn’t done a certain way. When I was dating my husband and met his family for the first time I went to sit down and all the kids yelled at me “Not that chair!” “That is the “good chair” and no one sits in it!” I totally got it since my Mom had “good” towels that were just for looking at or guests. They never got used. I think even the guests thought the towels looked too nice to use.

At our house I declared after years of losing one or more of a set of measuring cups that the new ones would NEVER be separated even if you only had to use one of the teaspoons or one of the cups. Many years later I am proud to say we still have all those cups and plenty of funny stories about friends and family members who dared to separate them.

So what does this have to do with Thoughtful Thursday?

Well the measuring cups are not my only “quirk”. Shocking I know! Whenever I send a package, drop something off on someones front porch, return an empty bowel or pack a lunch I always include a note even if its just a few words and a smiley face. Rarely will I just sign my name to a card. I will take a few seconds and write a sentence or two. Even when I wish someone Happy Birthday via facebook I tend to write more.

I really love it when others do the same! Actually the dark side of this quirk is that I get irritated when others don’t include a note but I have learned to let that go..most of the time! You may think it doesn’t matter but those few seconds you take to personalize whatever you are sending are sure to add smiles and joy to the recipient.

I recently received an expected package from a friend. It was not a gift or anything terribly special BUT I knew it was likely there would be a handwritten note enclosed since she shares my passion for real mail. Imagine my disappointment when I opened the package and nothing.


I thought it a bit strange not to find a note. I untaped the cardboard that protected the booklet she sent me. Okay I tore through the packaging and sure enough a bright pink envelope fell out.

Ahhhhhhh..a little bit of love in a few sentences. I don’t know which I loved more..the note or that she shares my passion for real mail.

The next time you send someone something think about enclosing a short note..doesn’t matter what you write it on. Some of the best notes I have ever received were a few words on a post it note.

A few words can fill the heart . Share some of yours today! Have a great Thursday and make it a thoughtful one!