Group Health Insurance Choices for Farmers in North Carolina

Group Health Insurance Choices for Farmers in North Carolina

North Carolina, located in the south eastern part of the United States is know for many things. The first Enlish colony considered it home. And of course the famous Wright Brothers flight took place right in Kitty Hawk. It is also considered a national leader in financial services, industry, and agriculture. The agricultural industry consists of poultry and eggs, sweet potatoes, soybeans, milk, tobacco, hogs, nursery stock and cattle.

And another thing that North Carolina is popular for, that most people don’t know, is movie making. It is the third most popular after California and New York.

A bad thing that is affecting North Carolina is out sourcing. Many jobs are being lost to overseas competition. This is why it is so important to care care of the farmers in North Carolina. If North Carolina is to remain a leader in agriculture, the farmers must be taken care of. And group health insurance is one way that will help greatly.

Farmers face enough problems, but of course the main one is that they do not have a fixed income. Unlike employees at a company who get compensated weekly, a farmers income is based solely on crop production. This makes it very hard for them to get group health insurance.

There are several options for farmers. They can shop online to get good prices.

The second would be to visit a local agent. They should have access to more than one company and should be able to get some better rates. Also, they may be more familiar with the problems that farmers face. However some only sell for one company. That may hurt their chances of getting you the best deal.

A group of farmers fewer than 50, may be able to get small group health insurance coverage. A small group of farmers can choose from over 1,000 benefit combinations. These may include the health maintenance organization plan (HMO), the preferred provider organization plan (PPO) and a health plan with high deductible paired with health savings account.

If the farmers have a larger group, then they can look into plans designed for large groups. Health insurance companies provide flexible options and cost effective coverage that the farmers can financially meet. Your group can choose from HMOs, PPOs and a comprehensive major medical/dental plan.

Other health insurance companies offer a new health-care budget solution. Examples are PPO health plan paired with a health savings account, PPO paired with a health reimbursement account, and PPO with a copy design.

The bottom line is that farmers in North Carolina, or anywhere for that matter, will have a harder time getting group health insurance at a good rate. This is because of the fact that they do not have a steady income, and that they are self employed. But with some research, they should still be able to find a group heallth insurance plan that they can afford.

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