Diet and Exercise Journal: How to Maintain Your Program

Diet and Exercise Journal: How to Maintain Your Program

Diet and exercise journal can be a very helpful tool in accomplishing whatever fitness or weight-loss program. They allow you to track your daily or weekly progress, be it in the form of the food you eat, the calories you consume, the exercise you finish, or the calories you burn. Sometimes, the best way to keep fit or lose weight is to simply take track and control what you do.

There are many believers that losing weight is all about counting calories and burning them so that no fat is accumulated by the body. This could be an effective method, if only all foods showed their caloric content. Nowadays, there are database available to know just how many calories a regular cheeseburger has. The only missing ingredient to the diet program would be what to do with the information.

A diet and exercise journal can help record the food eaten daily. With this information, people can mix and match their dietary meals in order to match the exercise or activities for the day. For example, a breakfast of a pancake that is about ten inches in diameter holds about 371 calories. A person weighing 150 pounds who walks for 30 minutes at a regular pace of 3 miles per hour loses approximately 150 calories. With this information, it can be gathered that that person needs to walk for more than an hour to burn the calories that came with breakfast.

There are many factors in calculating the amount of calories being burned, but keeping a diet and exercise journal can be as simple as noting down the food you eat, the activities you do, and the weight you are at during the time of the record. Taking note of these facts allow people to see if they will need more exercise if they want to lose more weight, or if they will need to decrease the amount of food they take if they cannot do additional exercise.

Keeping a journal that shows progress and results can also lead to further motivation. The same way that people feel good about themselves when others notice something wonderful about them, there could be no better inspiration than seeing that the efforts they put in are yielding good results. Exercise wouldn’t make much sense if the body did not feel stronger or if some excess weight was not shed away. At the same time, dieting without seeing a slimmer body can be very disappointing and the program can be short-lived.

More than just a way to record and see daily facts, the most important contribution of a diet and exercise journal is probably the discipline it takes to fill out the pages. Weight loss, be it in the form of an exercise program or a diet regimen, can only truly be effective if the person swears to live by it and never give up. A journal may not be able to speak, but it is the one that can share your best kept secrets, and it is the entity that will show you that what you are doing is all worth it.