Chinese Green Tea For Weight Loss

Chinese Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green Tea And Fat Burning

One of the most commonly used products for weight loss is Green Tea - walk into any supermarket or healthfood store and you are sure to find Green Tea type products.

There are quite litterally dozens if not hundreds of differing brands that are either aimed at recreation or targeted more towards weight loss.

A common misconception is that Green Tea is one and the same - tea is tea and it is only the brand that separates each identity - this could not be further from the truth.

The green tea type products that you will find amongst the traditional teas in supermarkets etc in the UK are manufactured for taste rather than the health benefit.

It is highly unlikely that you will find a quality green tea with fat burning properties on a shelf within a Tesco store!

Green Tea And Its Benefits To Health

Green Tea has been for hundreds of years by the Chinese to not only aid weight loss but to provide may other health benefits - both as a preventative measure and to treat an effect.

Green tea is extremely beneficial to our health and well being - it has within its properties antioxidants - these arecompounds that protect us both internally and externally from oxidation and the effects of the ravages of time caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are everywhere- they are tiny microscopic atoms that damage living organisms, such as the human body. They both naturally occur and are caused by pollution.

Living things age and die as a result of the effects of free radicals. Cut an apple in half and watch the inside slowly turn brown, this is free radical damage.

Just some of the potential health benefits from drinking green tea include:

• Stopping certain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s
• Preventing or treating some forms of cancer
• Treating Arthritis And Other Joint Conditions
• Treating MS
• Neutralizing the spread of free radicals
• Increases fat oxidation and raises metabolism.
• Lowering LDL cholesterol Levels
• Preventing lowered T-Cells due to HIV
• Green tea can even help prevent tooth decay!

Green tea is also used as a slimming and weight loss aid - unlike some of the chemically produced tablets designed to burn fat, green tea has both science and centuries of working proof on its side.

Green Tea And Fat Burning

Green tea can increase our metabolsim and significantly raise the rate in which our body can convert fat into energy. As mentioned above a majority of slimming pill designed to burn fat do not actually do naything at all.

What Are The Best Green Tea''s

Chinese Green Tea''s are the original green tea''s - some the most effective blends have been used for centuries by the indigenous population.

One of the oldest traditional blends is Wu-Yi - an ancient source that is now available to the western world.

Commercially it has started its life in the Unites States and is now available in the UK.

Currently there is an opportunity to trial for FREE. The official Wu-Yi website has a American feel but UK consumers are invited to claim a free sample pack.

Wu-Yi Green Tea Free Sample