3 Most common lies that sabotage the diet

3 Most common lies that sabotage the diet

You think, you know every trick for weight loss, but the fat still “sticking” on you? Tips on losing excess weight is often not sufficiently tested, so when it can happen, we give up on our own goal because we do not see any results.

How do you prevent this from happening, keep an eye on these three lies that slow down and hinder weight loss.

First lie: You need to slow down!?

The fast weight loss can lead to yo-yo effect, but your diet should not be too slow. If you choose a healthy way to lose weight, it’s okay to lose about five pounds in one week, and only a pound next week. Research has shown that short term to achieve the desired results increases motivation. Obese participants in the study, were to lose 15 percent of body weight in 12 or 36 weeks. 80 percent of people with short-term weight loss was successful, while only 50 percent of those with a longer shelf failed to lose weight.

Second lie: The larger water intake prevents overeating!?

Water do not effectively saturate in the same way as food, and even if water does that – soon after urinating again we become hungry. Instead of drinking water before meals, rather choose a combination of foods with a higher percentage of fiber and water.

Example: before a meal, eat an apple or a cup of soup, and so you can intake a total of 20 percent less calories.

Third lie: The less calories, the better it’s!?

It is a true that you need to reduce your calorie intake if you want to lose weight, but too little calories will slow down the metabolism, and the results will come very slowly or fail.


Eat daily at least 1,200 calories and never skip meals.