"What you have done for me and my family is incredible. We can't express our gratitude. You are a very special person and we appreciate your gift."

Recent Client Comments:

"I was at your group a couple of weeks ago with my friend A. I was skeptical. I could not believe the connections you were making to my family. There is no other way you could have known those things unless you were truly talking to them.
I am no longer a skeptic and I thank you."
"You are a truly gifted medium."
"You have changed my belief in the afterlife and my outlook on life."
"I have been forever changed by my reading with you. Your gift is priceless and your heart a treasure."
"What you have done for me and my family is incredible. We can''t express our gratitude. You are a very special person and we appreciate your gift."
This is a 4 week TeleSeminar, meeting the following Friday evenings by PHONE:
November 30, December 7 & December 14, 2012 from
6:30 - 7:30pm PST.
December 21, 2012 Final Ascension Ceremony from
7-9pm PST.

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Joanna invites you to an extraordinary and life changing Event!

Your Loved Ones in Spirit on the Other Side vibrate at a higher vibration because they have shed their human physical bodies. THEY ARE LIGHT.

YOU ARE A LIGHT BODY as well ... but you are confined to your physical, Earthly body which makes your vibration slower and more dense.

The Mayans and many other Lightworkers and Healers on Earth believe that an Ascension, or New Beginning on Earth is taking place ~ NOW! This year, 2012 and specifically coming to fruition December 21, 2012.

THIS IS THE TIME for you & your Lightbody to raise it''s vibration and become closer to your Loved Ones in Spirit and their vibration.

Join Joanna as you and your LightBody prepare for this amazing transformation. She wishes to help make this transition easier and less confusing for you with her 2012 Ascension Seminar!

Joanna is conducting this 4 week Tele Seminar by PHONE. You will call in each Friday evening:
(November 30th, December 7th, December 14th & December 21, 2012) .

Joanna will help you understand:
What is The Ascension?
What about 2012?
What did the Mayans believe?
What will happen December 21, 2012?

You will participate in:
The raising of your Vibration
The activation of your Lightbody
Direct Energy Healing from Joanna
Wonderfully Healing Meditations
Feeling closer to Spirit & Your Loved Ones
Finding your True Self
Finding Purpose

Your vibration will be raised through Meditations and Direct Energy Healing by Joanna to prepare you for your personal Ascension - Your Lightbody Activation!

Find your LIGHT again .... Your true self .... Find PURPOSE and CLARITY!

Become closer to your Loved ones in Spirit as your Vibration is raised... Become more open to Energy, Spirit & Love.
Each call will be progressively different and healing, preparing you for the final Ceremony.

On the Calls, Joanna will:

Call #1 Friday, November 30, 2012 6:30 - 7:30pm PST
Explain 2012 & What the Mayans truly believe. She will also begin to raise your energy vibration and Light Body through Meditation.

Call #2 Friday, December 7, 2012 6:30 - 7:30pm PST
Explain the Ascension Process, what it is, what it means and how it can positively effect and change you, your life & those you love - forever. She will continue to help raise your energy vibration and Light body through meditation and direct energy healing.

Call #3 Friday, December 14, 2012 6:30 - 7:30pm PST
This call will be focused on deeper meditation and energy healing for your lightbody and vibration as we prepare for the ever important date: December 21, 2012

Call #4 Friday, December 21, 2012 7:00 - 9:00pm PST
On December 21, 2012 as people gather all over the world at Sacred Sites, Joanna will hold a Final Ascension Medicine Wheel Ceremony in which you will participate by phone or Skype in the full activation of your Lightbody to it''s highest vibration, allowing you to feel closer to your Loved Ones, Spirit, Source & Oneness than you ever have!
The Wheel Ceremony is extraordinarily powerful, beautiful, life-changing and amazing!
Learn More about Medicine Wheel>>


Why Is December 21, 2012 Important?

According to the Maya, we are living in the last days of the 5th age of humanity. The date of 12/21/12 is the end date of the fifth age and the end of the precessional cycle of 25,625-year cycle. On this day, the Maya and our global spiritual human family will tune in together to celebrate the completion of these grand cosmic cycles of time and space. More importantly, we will welcome the cosmic energies of the new incoming era and assist Earth in balancing and harmonizing these as they enter the earth plane.

What may unfold on that day? We can only speculate and guess. In the land of the Maya, as across the globe, people will gather in hundreds of sacred sites on December 21, 2012. On the Yucatan Peninsula, Chichen Itza will be the center of activities. From sunrise to midnight at Chichen Itza there will be ceremonies, rituals, meditations, toning, moments of silence and celebration. The atmosphere on Earth will be vibrating with charged prana. Chichen Itza, the heart site of the Yucatan Maya, will host the Maya Council of Elders, who will lead a global meditation to welcome, harmonize, balance and ground the incoming cosmic energies.

Potentially millions of free will human beings will be spread across the globe tuning in on this special day. With that amount of human intent exponentially magnified, triggering a simultaneous “aha” moment for each of the 7 billion+ members of our global human family, and propelling us into a new age of light consciousness for humanity. On this day the current age ends and a new cycle begins, prophesized by the ancestors of thousands of years ago and spoken through the tongues of today’s living elders.

Who can participate?

Anyone may participate from anywhere in the United States! YOU will be calling in to a long distance phone number.


The cost is $5 for each call ($20 total), PLUS the call in number will be a long distance call and charges will apply.


Charges will apply to YOU depending on YOUR long distance provider and will show up as such on YOUR phone bill.

To Learn More, please EMAIL JOANNA>

Recent Client Comments:

"The 30 minutes [of my reading]was the most precious time I will ever experience. Point after point was right on."

"Thank you for doing this and making it affordable. "
"It was an experience I will never forget."

"Thank you so much for the group reading last night. I could have stayed there with you for another 2 hours. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with us."