The Power of Imperfection - A Valentine's Day Lesson

The Power of Imperfection - A Valentine's Day Lesson

I had the perfect blog post planned. And mostly written.

It was going to be a kid’s Valentine’s classroom celebration remake. Healthy treat options. Easy, yet stylish homemade Valentine’s cards. The crowning piece was going to be a clever, yet simply craft for my son’s classroom Valentines.

And then this afternoon my son saw some cheap character Valentines in the grocery store. Complete with cheesy prose and goofy little stickers to seal them shut. And he wanted them.

No way, said I. We already had a clever craft to impress the other parents please his classmates. I was going to make them We were going to make them together, and it was going to be so much fun.

He was unconvinced. He didn’t leave the store in tears, but he was very unhappy.

Now, if I had objections to the characters, if they were inappropriate in some way, I would have grounds to, well, stand my ground. But they weren’t. I just had the perfect plan. And I didn’t want to let it go.

Parent fail.

Valentine’s Day is about love. And love is imperfect, no matter what the fairy tales say. Love is about acceptance, even when things don’t turn out as planned. Especially when things don’t turn out like you planned. And sometimes love is about letting go.

So, to sum up my perfectly planned blog entry:

  • When you’re able, chose healthy treat alternatives.
  • Let your kid do the work. If they’re little, give them plenty of time (25 kids in a class over 5 evenings = 5 manageable cards a day. 25 kids in a class in one evening = potential stress-ball from Hades. Especially if your kid writes glacier-style like mine).
  • Let go of perfection (seriously, an entire paragraph lecturing about the whimsical charm of letting a kid craft homemade stuff his- or herself. The irony is ironic.)

I’ll be going back to the store tomorrow to rectify my acute case of perfectionism. But I’m not beating myself up about it. Because even good parents can be imperfect. Especially good parents are often imperfect.

Happy, healthy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. Here is a link to some neat homemade and healthy Valentine’s treats that I was going to feature. The title of the blog is Bless This Mess. Again with the irony. And this was our super-special homemade Valentine design before the Phineas and Ferb Valentine debacle.