Morning to get up to drink cool boiled water is not healthy

Morning to get up to drink cool boiled water is not healthy

Many people say that drinking a glass of salt water should be up in the morning, before going to sleep at night to drink a glass of honey water, there are a lot of people say it should only drink water. How do you think is appropriate to drink? And you think these methods are useful to the body home piece that thing?

Drink salt water unscientific health point of view

Question about salt water. First, why do we drink salt water, a lot of people think that the water inside our body is 0.9% saline, drink salt water can add salt body, speed up water absorption. But the salt water in the end is how a “light” method? Which the ratio? Difficult to grasp. Therefore, this drink salt water to replenish salt significance is not great.

Some people say you can drink salt water detox. From a physiological point of view, salt water into the human body is not easy to metabolic out. If the drink is white water, because the body needs to maintain sodium and water balance, drink a lot of water to reduce the body’s salt, 0.9% saline in order to maintain balance, the body of water must be discharged, so people will be drinking soon after Whitewater urine. But it is not easy to drink salt water discharged, because drinking into the future, the body remains in balance, there is no need to discharge water, so drink salt water detox argument is not scientific.

In another case, someone suffering from chronic pharyngitis, the morning light touches can drink a little salt, because salt can be bactericidal, have gingivitis, pharyngitis who drink a little salt water may help to improve local inflammation.

Honey tonic water is blind drug

Honey has been the medicine inside the tonic medicine, it is relatively peaceful nature, Yin Yang and the drink is no problem. Honey is the “Compendium of Materia Medica” record of beauty to share. Northern and Southern has a well-known physicians called the screening rights, he said, dressed in uniforms can make a face, such as bonuses honey, because honey is the nectar collected from flowers in the formation, based on the most essential part of the plant to make up the human body.

Honey is the reinforcing of the human body; while honey is yellow, “yellow is willing, into the stomach”; drink honey water can purge, so drink honey water is much better than the drink salt water, its body tonic very strong.

Early morning drinking cool white open harmful to health

Recommend the morning to drink honey water better. Most people recommend drinking a glass of cold white morning to open that can regulate endocrine, but also laxative, detoxifies, but in fact this is a disease will come to drink.

Life of the body’s yang qi, yang after injury, can lead to all the body systems, organs, meridians, physical and other kinds of disease occurrence.

Early morning drinking cool white open will sap the body under the coke yang. So long has this habit of people, mostly the gradual emergence of Deficiency diseases, women appear dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea, males were found stomach, joint pain, and decreased sexual function. Therefore, it is recommended that morning to get water to drink a cup of warm honey, do not turbid. Thing is to drink warm water.

Drink plenty of water before going to bed vary

Before going to sleep, then you can drink water if dry mouth, dry mouth, if not you can not drink, because some people have urinate after drinking habits, sleep, the body but not good.

Different health experts have different opinions, some people say should drink plenty of water before going to sleep, drink plenty of water before going to sleep, some people say well, we already do not know who to listen better. In fact, surveys have not done research or clinical investigation, but his recommendation. I infer from this the key issue is there in terms of possible changes.

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