Lonnie Behunin B3 Healthy

Lonnie Behunin  B3 Healthy

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p: 435 531-0278lonnie.behunin@questarcapital.com

Lonnie Behunin is a well-known Financial Professional in the matters of senior investors. Mr. Behunin assists retirees and those that are about to retire in their efforts to preserve their capital, increase their income, reduce their taxes and better organize their investments.

Mr. Behunin graduated from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor’s in Communications. Early in his career Lonnie set himself apart as a Financial Professional by earning the “Distinguished Service Award” from American Skandia, a leading US financial services firm, recognizing financial professionals for outstanding client service. Since then, hundreds of investors have sought his personal service and advice to invest their hard earned dollars.

Mr. Behunin has developed a specialty in assisting retirees and those about to retire who want to protect their principal and insure that their money lasts. "Mr. Behunin offers securities through Questar Capital Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC to assist residents of Utah with their financial needs."

Lonnie and Tricia Behunin have enjoyed ten of their fifteen married years in Cedar City, Utah. They have three children and enjoy spending their spare time with their family in the outdoors, camping, hiking and fishing. The Behunin family takes great pride in their Southern Utah Heritage as both of Mr. Behunin’s parents were raised in Southern Utah and have ancestors who helped found both Zion’s and Capitol Reef National Parks. The Behunin family resides in Cedar City, Utah.

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