Libido Lift Lubricant Review

Libido Lift Lubricant Review

You’re a pretty considerate lover, and try your best to please her in bed, but sometimes things go awry. Like your erection isn’t quite as hard and full as you’d like, or she is dry down below no matter what you do to arouse her.

It’s okay guys. The human body deals with a lot of hormonal changes, stressors and other influences that cause even the most ardent of lovers to run into hiccups every now and again.

What if we were to tell you there are lubricants on the market that will not only increase moisture where you need it, but will also heighten sensation in you and her, and give you an erection boost? It’s true. Lubricants have become that sophisticated.

Penthouse Libido Lift Lubricant is one such lubricant. Manufactured by pleasure specialist Penthouse, this lubricant has a secret ingredient that will make things heat up in bed.

What Does Libido Lift Lubricant Do?

Three things. Libido Lift Lubricant will increase lubrication to eliminate painful friction, it will improve sensation in both of you, and boost erection power so sex will be better for both of you!

How Does Libido Lift Lubricant Do It?

Libido Lift Lubricant’s magical ingredient is L-Arginine. If you work out, or use a top-rated male enhancement product you have already heard of this ingredient.

L-Arginine is proven to increase “nitric oxide” in the body, which has a relaxing “vasodilation” effect on your blood vessels. This boosts blood flow, allowing larger bodies of blood to flow to your muscles and extremities–including your penile tissue. The result is a harder and more sensative erection!

But what about your partner? Well despite the obvious pleasure she’ll receive from your newly invigorated erection, if you rub a little into her, she’ll also benefit from the L-Arginine. The increased blood flow to her most intimate place will cause heightened sensation in her too!

Any Concerns?

We do have a few concerns with Libido Lift Lubricant. First off, the consumer comments regarding this product are not positive. Here’s what one user had to say in a forum:

“I got this product with the hopes it would be like other products with L-Arginine. I’d read good reviews around the web and was excited to try it! What I got was sticky and dried up fast and gave me (or my partner) no added sensation. It also contains glycerin as a second ingredient which cause yeast infections in some women.” ~ Lucid Obsession

Other women complained about dryness too, and the last thing you want is for her to get a yeast infection. Also, a word to the wise–if you have herpes, or suffer from occasional cold sore outbreaks, you may want to stay away from any male enhancement products containing L-Arginine.

L-Arginine is thought to increase the possibility of herpes outbreaks when taken orally. As of yet there’s no proof that topical application is also a risk, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

On the whole this $16 lubricant relies more upon its manufacturer’s name, than on giving effective results.

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