Jogging Equipment

Jogging Equipment

The Treadmill: An Essential Fitness Tool
The treadmill is an amazing piece of exercise equipment. Treadmills allow people to get an intense cardiovascular workout leaving the comfort and safety of their home. This simple piece of gym equipment s allows people to conveniently fit exercise into their hectic schedules. This piece of fitness equipment is ubiquitous. No matter what kind of workout regiment people have, it usually includes at least 30 minutes on the treadmill. It has become indispensable as people begin to acknowledge the importance of cardiovascular health.

Treadmills are simple yet effective pieces of gym equipment s. They are exercise tools every athlete can quickly master. Its variable speeds and range of difficulty means the treadmill can gradually move you from your current fitness level towards any goal you set for yourself. It is one of the fitness tools it is almost impossible to outgrow. One can simply increase the speed or the degree of difficulty and this essential piece of fitness equipment can take you to new heights.

Treadmills come in varying levels of complexity. There are some that are run completely by human power. The treadmill only moves as fast as you move it. On the other end of the spectrum there are complex electric powered exercise tools with digital readouts showing the distance you have traveled, the rate at which you are moving, the degree of incline you are climbing and the length of time you have been working out. Some even show video of the terrain you’re traversing and can measure heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen output.

For many, the treadmill is the centerpiece of their workout regimen, but that’s not why it was invented. This exercise tool was introduced in English prisons in 1817 as a way for prisoners to use their pent up energy for good. By walking on the apparatus the prisoners were able to power all manner of machinery. The concept was quickly adopted in America and prisoners in New York soon found themselves powering the machines to grind grain.

The treadmill was transformed to medical equipment and later fitness equipment. Cardiologist Robert Bruce and staff member Wayne Quinton developed the treadmill as a tool to test for and evaluate heart and lung disease in 1952. Within ten years it became a popular piece of gym equipment s and one of the most used exercise tools. Today it is in an indispensible fitness tool.

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