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Archive for the ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’ Category

Attention deficit disorder is something that many children are diagnosed with. A big controversy lies on if parents should really give their children the medication. There are a few factors to consider before you rely on medication for your child.

Hyper activity is very common with children. Some children are extremely hyper and others are very calm. It doesn’t mean that your child has a problem if they are diagnosed with ADD. It also doesn’t mean that they need to be on medication either. You should always look at your child and determine what his or her needs are before you make a decision to put them on medication.

ADD is a diagnosis of a child that is extremely hyper. Due to the hyper activity the child may have a problem focusing for periods of time. It may affect their ability to learn. However, it is very common for children that are not ADD to be diagnosed with it maybe because the teachers are lazy and they don’t want to put up with a child that is a little rambunctious. Many doctors often tell parents that a child needs to be on medication for ADD when there are other ways to deal with the hyper behavior.

One of the things that you will find when you put a child on a drug like Ridlin for ADD is that the medication slows them down tremendously. You might be thinking this is great but some children are drugged to the point that you may not even know your own child anymore. Your child may have destroyed your San Diego weddings and embarrassed you severely. However, the problem is that drugging your child could lead to dependencies later in life that could be dangerous and lead to more severe drugs.

Many parents give medication to their children quickly without even thinking. It is much better to try natural approaches with your children rather than give them drugs. Spending more time with a child will help them pay attention if you show them that you care. There are activities that you can do around the house to help them become more patient and attentive. It is common for parents that work in doctor’s offices to write or call in prescriptions for their children all of the time. They may put them on antibiotics in hopes to prevent an illness through the winter so they don’t miss work. Things like this happen all of the time and it is very dangerous for a child.

If you have just received your Green Card through the US citizenship office and you have a child that is hyper there are things you can do without using medication. One thing to keep in mind is that some children do benefit from taking medication to calm them down. Always monitor the medication and don’t use it because you are a lazy parent. If you put your child on medication because you don’t want to deal with the behavior anymore or spend the time then you shouldn’t be a parent.

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