Applying Blush- A Simple Tutorial

Applying Blush- A Simple Tutorial

Looking our best is always important. Whether it is for important moments like a job interview, a first date, a formal party, or any number of events. Our appearance can matter. Applying blush is an important aspect of the whole package as it can help frame that lovely face. So here is a makeup tutorial to help you.

First, you should not choose a blush lightly. Your goal here is to accentuate your beauty, not take away from it. You don''t want to look like someone from the circus. Simply put, if you have a fair complexion, choose a lighter color. If you have a darker complexion, go with a deep burgundy or some variation of that. Don''t be afraid to ask for help and opinions on this. Whether it is friends, family, or the girl at your local makeup counter.

Also, when choosing a color you will want to consider the situation. If it is your daily grind of going in to the office, you will probably want to stick with a slightly lighter color. If you are going more formal or just a fun night on the town, go with a starker color to give your look a little more zip. It is a good idea to coordinate the colors of your lipstick with your blush. You don''t want both fighting with each other.

Next you will need to think about your skin type when choosing the right cosmetic. Gels are ideal for those of us with oily skin types. Or if you have dry skin you will want to go with a cream, or maybe a combination with powder. Remember the general rule here is not to have the blush stand out too much but to compliment your beauty.

When you are administering your blush, don''t use the freebie small brush that comes with the product. Just throw it away.Spend the extra money and buy a professional one. And avoid using the the same one for a powder and a cream if you have chosen to go the combination route.Tap the excess from the brush prior to applying it to your face to ensure that the product goes on evenly. Smiling in front of a mirror will help you find the sweet spot of your cheeks. Gently apply the blush here. Be certain to blend the color in well so that it looks natural. The idea is to give you a natural looking glow. If you get carried away, you will look like a clown.
If you follow this simple blush application tutorial and put it into practice, you will be knocking people dead left and right.

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