Alternatives To Tummy Tucks

Alternatives To Tummy Tucks

Tummy tuck is not always the answer. There are a variety of motives behind the tummy tuck procedure, and a variety of treatments and procedures to cater alternatively. Although the tummy tuck is a valuable option, there are now many less severe options open to patients with varying problems.

Patients with excess fat in the lower abdomen should consider liposuction. Liposuction is the removal of localised deposits of fat from within the body. The process, although obviously no substitute for more traditional weight loss, is a comparatively new procedure in mainstream usage for a mere fifteen years. Having said that, thousands of liposuction procedures are carried out each year with great success by qualified surgeons across the world. Ideally, patients opting for liposuction should be those who are of normal weight with small localised areas of stubborn excess fat. Liposuction carries its greatest risk for those with conditions to do with the heart, lung disease or diabetes.

Initially, the surgeon will take the time to evaluate your general physical condition before determining your suitability for the procedure. It is to be recommended that you disclose any lifestyle or dietary information that may be relevant during this consultation process to aid in you practitioner’s surgical judgement. Ordinarily, the process of liposuction is safe. However, as with all surgical procedures there is an element of risk involved. The main hazards associated with this treatment are the risks of blood clots or infection. Additionally, excessive loss of fluids can result in shock or the collection of fluids in a localised area, which can be problematic. The process also leaves behind scarring, although it is still a favourable option for many considering abdominal cosmetic surgery.

Another form of alternative procedure is known as an endoscopic abdominoplasty. This process is conducted with the incision usually made inside the navel, and is ideal for those with weaker abdominal muscles but tighter abdominal skin. It is thought that this procedure is more beneficial to males, and it is only helpful in tightening muscles, with no skin removal properties. The procedure involves a small camera attached to small surgical implements to allow for a smaller incision. It is essential that the skin retains some elasticity to allow this procedure to take effect.

Although patients will realise some mild discomfort after the operation, this procedure requires significantly less healing time thanks to its less intrusive nature. With a combination of a balanced diet and some moderate physical activity, full recovery is possible very quickly.

When considering cosmetic surgery of this nature, it is useful to know all the relevant procedures and the risks and benefits of each. It is also important to understand the motives behind your desire for surgery, and to understand that the tummy tuck in itself is a major surgical procedure requiring months of recovery time. That’s why it is important to consult your physician prior to surgery to find all the answer you’ll need, and hear any recommendations based on your age, gender and all round health.