Traffic can come from a wide range of sources both online and offline. Whilst we specialise in
generating targeted traffic online we also work with clients to integrate offline traffic.

The major online traffic platforms all have different idiosyncracies that require a different
cocktail mix.

For example if your business offers an emergency service that prospects will
need immediately when they need it(eg an emergency locksmith servicing people who lock themselves
out of their home and cars) then Google will deliver the very best return. Social media or
Facebook advertising is unlikely to contribute, Video marketing and education on your service
is also unlikely to offer much. Display network advertising,invisible list marketing
and email autoresponders will also have limited impact where emergency purchases are

If your business however offers products or services in a competitive niche, then using Google
advertising,Facebook advertising, Social media communication channels, video marketing, YouTube
advertising and in some cases Linkedin marketing will allow reach to broadcast your positioning
and tell your marketplace why they should do business with you instead of your competition.

If your business offers products or services in an area where there is limited natural demand,
however if your prospects are educated about the reasons why they need what you offer, they will
become willing customers, then this requires a completely different traffic strategy.

If you trade in the B2B space, your optimised traffic cocktail would again look very different
and in fact could vary dramatically depending on who your ideal prospect businesses are and where
they hangout.

Single channel traffic can be very effective, we have many clients running only google advertising
campaigns, only facebook advertising campaigns, only display network campaigns, only invisible list campaigns,
only email autoresponder campaigns, even some running purely YouTube advertising campaigns. However every
industry is different, every niche of every industry is different and every business is unique, meaning
that one business within a particular niche may flourish with a single channel traffic campaign yet another
business within the same niche and marketplace needs a multi channel approach to achieve the same results.

Horses For Courses – There is no one size fits all approach.

That’s why before we take on a new client, whether you be David or Goliath, we get a deep understanding
of your business, your marketplace and your competition through a marketing brainstorm session.