The Pros and Cons Of Using A Hookah

The Pros and Cons Of Using A Hookah

There are many kinds of smoking paraphernalia these days and a lot more than the average person thinks about. There are pipes, bongs, shisha, water pipes, incense, blunts, snuff and many others not including herbal highs such as pills and other things.

The one focus in this article is the Hookah, this is a kind of water pipe that is used to smoke different kinds of tobacco in a variety of ways. It consists of one or more hoses for smoking, a pipe and a bowl to hold the tobacco in. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are sold all over the world so you are sure to have seen one before and wondered what it was.

Many people use it to relax and to enjoy the leisure that smoking from a Hookah offers. First off you heat the specially made tobacco and then the smoke passes through the water and then inhaled through one of the pipes that lead out from the side of the Hookah. The tobacco used in this process is generally healthier than tobacco in cigarettes as it doesn’t have as many additives in as it would normally have if it didn’t go through a Hookah pipe.

Plus since it is filtered through the water it is cooled down ready to be taken almost straight away. The reason that it is so popular is because of the flavour of it there are many different selections to choose from which makes the smoking more relaxing, some of the flavours feature things like strawberry, chocolate, mint and a lot of other flavours infact pretty much whatever you can think of.

You can also buy filters online that fit on the end of the hoses that will filter out the nicotine when inhaling the smoke so it is less harmful.

Some of the cons now are mainly based on medical research however this is a form of smoking so you need to bear in mind that there probably will be some chemical related to nicotine which can have the power to get you addicted to cigarettes due to the amount of tobacco but that is something that is in all smoking paraphernalia the possible risk of addiction.

However if you want to try getting into hookah then you should read up on everything before you go buying something that you might now need take a look around and depending on what you might need it for you need to buy the correct equipment.

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