Saco Counseling Associates

Saco Counseling Associates
Saco Counseling Associates is a group psychotherapy practice conveniently located immediately off of Exit 5 of the Maine Turnpike. Our practice is dedicated to the utilization of treatment modalities that promote wellness and healing, while focusing on client strengths. The following is a list of our services:

Individual Psychotherapy helps people who may be struggling with problems ranging in severity from everyday difficulties to more traumatic life events. Left untreated, problems may result in symptoms of depression, anxiety, tearfulness, irritability, anger, self-destructive behaviors or low self-esteem, as well as conflicts at home, work or school.

Child and Family Therapy assists children and their parents to work through problems related to discipline, behavior management, sibling issues, temper tantrums, nightmares and school problems. We also help families through transitions that include separation, divorce and remarriage.

Couples Counseling helps couples who are experiencing conflict in their relationships. Counseling can help couples communicate more effectively and resolve problems in areas of finances, intimacy, sexual relations and childrearing.

Group Counseling is offered periodically. Groups may be psychoeducational, supportive or therapeutic in nature. Group topics include, but are not limited to women''s issues, stress management, divorce, grief and loss, adoption issues and ADHD.

Addictions Counseling assists individuals and families to recognize signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug problems. Through counseling, clients learn about the progression of the disease, and develop tools to reach and maintain sobriety. Recovery can help affected individuals and family members to live healthier, more fulfilling and productive lives.

Counseling Services for the Workplace provides services, which may address conflicts in the work environment, or issues which impact productivity. We also provide training, workshops, consultation, and assistance with the development of Employee Assistance Programs.