Polar CS600X Cycling Computer Review

Polar CS600X Cycling Computer Review

Polar CS600X Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar CS600X Cycling Computer is for the elite athlete interested in measuring heart RR intervals, cycling efficiency and power and optimizing training on their road bike. It competes with the Garmin Edge top of the line models.

At A Glance

  • Top of the line cyling computer and heart monitor for elite road cyclists
  • Can upload and prepare future training sessions and routes by using the ProTrainer 5 software included
  • Available with a power feature to measure watts and cycling efficiency. Optional advanced GPS available.
  • Priced at about $400 or $600 for the power model

The Polar CS600X heart rate monitor is a highly advanced and flexible training tool for the world''s elite and competitive cyclists. It is GPS compatible, can measure the heart rate RR interval, speed, distance and even power. The CS600X, when used along with the Polar G3 GPS unit, allows cyclists to record and track GPS map information through the use of the Polar ProTrainer 5 and Google Earth (or any other GPS mapping program). It is designed to maximize road cycling performance for competitive cyclists who wish o take their training to the next level. The CS600X can monitor and determine if the user training and recovery times are optimal for maximum performance. It uses an altimeter to display the ascent and descent of your route.

The Polar CS600X cycling computer is easy to install, program and ready to use, although the power system can be tricky and might take some adjusting to. Unlike common power meters which rely on power generated in the crank or rear wheel, the CS600X measures chain vibration. It synchronizes quickly and consistently displays speed, distance, heart rate and watts for the duration of the ride. The Polar CS600X cycling computer is equipped with increased recording and memory capacity to allow for more frequent data measurements such as power and heart rate. The user has to choose between 3 different wheel sizes, so as to allow for correct calculation of distance prior to departure.

The CS600X can be customized to match a cyclists’ training needs, from speed and cadence, to GPS mapping and power measurement. This is possible thanks to Polar''s wide range of W.I.N.D sensors that can be used to match with the handlebar computer. The CS600X is also compatible with CS Speed sensor, CS cadence sensor and the Power Output Sensor. These features yield a lot of useful data such as power output, pedaling index, left/right pedaling distribution and efficiency. When used along with the Power Output sensor, the CS600X tracks ''cycling efficiency'' which is considered as the ultimate standard for performance, fitness and technique. The ''cycling efficiency'' is a measure of how much energy output on the bike is converted into forward momentum. Although available only through Polar, this allows cyclists to pinpoint areas that need improvement and increase their overall performance and fitness.

Polar ProTrainer Software
Polar Prorainer Software

The ProTrainer 5 provides cyclists with a customized understanding of their training routine. It helps them train faster by planning future detailed training sessions, comparing achievements against target goals and preventing over or under-training by tracking total workload. The type of mulit-colored display is shown nearby.

The Polar CS600X cycling computer set contains the WearLink, W.I.N.D. transmitter, CS Speed Sensor and IrDA USB Adapter. It weighs 41g, and uses the CR2354 battery (1 year battery life) and is retail priced at $419.95 and the Polar CS600X Cycling Computer Power version is priced at $709.95.

Get your skin wet

Some problems may be caused by dry skin or exercising in the winter. If it''s hot enough the monitor will begin sending your pulse to the heart monitor watch once you start to sweat. If you don''t sweat a lot, some advocate licking the strap before you start exercising, squirt some water between your skin and the strap or you can use a little heart monitor gel.

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