Is this a good dog food?

Is this a good dog food?

Well I was going to start my 1 yr 7 month Husky on raw food, but the price of it is just too much for me.

I thought about Blue Buff that was also a little to expensive.

So right now I’m trying

PMI Nutrition Exclusive Lamb & Rice

My dog seems to really like it, and it doesn’t break me completely money wise lol.

I was on pedigree complete adult nutrition & it was fine for her, but I was told by my vet that a better quality food
[ one without all the corn ] would help her coat a little bit.

So do you recommend this brand or another close to the same price that’s better or is this a bad brand.

All answers are appreciated.
Yeah I was thinking about chicken soup.

And My dog HATES kibbles n bit’s I don’t know why lol she will not touch it.

Yeah I really wanted to start raw, but it’s so expensive I can’t even afford to feed myself like that lol let alone my dog. I wish I could though.

Well Thanks I think I’m gonna finish out the bag of exclusive that I have, and then try chicken soup.

I’ll give best answer when it lets me.
Well lol I wish I could buy chicken or any meat that cheap here. I’ve been to every meat market and regular store it’s not that cheap here to buy that food.

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