How to Lose Weight and Be Healthy

How to Lose Weight and Be Healthy

How to diet is a very personal matter. You are unique, and in order for you to lose those extra pounds, your diet should be to — uniquely designed for you.

You diet to lose weight and keep it off by designing a diet plan that you can succeed at and sustain — one that specifically meets your individual needs and lifestyle. Much as we have in common, our physical condition is as unique as our fingerprints. We may have some similarities beyond the obvious — eyes, ears, hands, and feet. We meet people all the time with the same physical complaints or illnesses. But the things that keep us unable to lose weight with most diet plans and programs are the ones that make us unique due to the different health issues we have, our body types, how well we eat, and how well our organs are functioning

One size does not fit all when it comes to dieting.

What is needed is a plan that fits you, your body, and your lifestyle.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start:

  1. Are you eating too much or too little?
  2. What do you eat and when do you eat it?
  3. Are you tired of counting calories?
  4. Do you drink enough water?
  5. Are you an exerciser?
  6. Are you getting the proper nutrition?
  7. Is your body absorbing nutrients properly?
  8. Do you have health issues that make it harder for you to lose weight?
  9. Do you use sugar or sugar substitutes?
  10. Do you drink diet soda or use ‘lite’ products and think they are helping you?
  11. Do you find diet foods unpalatable, boring, and tasteless?
  12. Does your body burn fat?

These questions are just a few to consider. List your answers to these questions and add more questions to the list based on your particular needs.

Based on your answers, you will most likely find areas in your life that need improvement. If it seems your answers show you need to work on several of them, don’t be overwhelmed. We believe in baby steps and creating comfortable ways to reduce or eliminate your unhealthy habits one at a time and replace them with ones that will leave you feeling healthy, help you lose those extra pounds, and gain great health in the process.

Search The Guide’s for more information on these issues. You can also get great guidebooks on personalizing your plan including a Quick Start Guide to help you get started by Clicking Here.

Feel free to leave comments on what you came up with below. Others may recognize things they missed in their personal lists and it helps to know others are out there struggling like you. It is our hope that visitors will connect with one another through posts in the Blog Corner.