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Health And Pills » Accutane Lawsuits

Women''s Health MagazineSun, 17 Jun 2012 06:39:47 +0000en-UShourly1 would you sue if this happened to your daughter?, 09 Jun 2012 18:44:50 +0000admin by slema628: Moms would you sue if this happened to your daughter?

My best friend since elementary school started taking Accutane when she was 15. It can only be taken legally for 3-6 month periods, no longer. I believe she was on it for maybe 4 months. Almost immediately she started having intestinal and digestive issues. As the years went on the problems got worse. She literally could not eat anything with out having stomach pains and running to the bathroom. She weighed a healthy 118 at 5’5″, she is now 21 5’5″ and weighs about 90lbs. Anything she eats goes right through her. She has even had trouble holding her bowels (not normal for a 21year old). She is terrified to eat at work or at school. She is terrified to make new friends or go out to eat, because she is afraid of having to run to the bathroom and not make it there. She has so many problems with her stomach and digestive system ist hard for her to function through out the day, not to mention she is also being treated for depression. Before she started taking the pills there was nothing wrong with her what so ever.

Accutane went bankrupt because there were so many lawsuits against them. And it is no longer allowed in the US.

A report came out recently that states that Accutane causes IBS, Crones disease, Depression and many other major digestive issues. Not one of these things were stated in the warnings when she started taking the pill.

She went to the doctor and found out she does in fact have IBS, possibly has Crones disease, and she is lactose intolerant and has Celiac disease.

If this was your daughter would you encourage her to sue or would you think that it was her decision to go on the pills and she should just live with it.

She asked me and her mother what she should do. I don’t know so I wanted some mothers opinions. Its hard for me to see my best friends body literally falling apart at such a young age. Its hard for me to see her constantly depressed. But on the other hand, what is money going to do? It wont fix her…what would you say to her?

Answer by Happy2HelpI would sue. I also took Accutane, but I don’t have these issues.

June 25th, 2009 was the last day for distribution pf Accutane in the United States.

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]]> it true if I do a class action lawsuit I won’t make anything? What if it’s not class action do I get more?, 25 May 2012 18:40:06 +0000admin by : Is it true if I do a class action lawsuit I won’t make anything? What if it’s not class action do I get more?

from some stuff i’ve read if you get into a class action lawsuit you won’t make anything…i’ve contacted a law firm that does class action lawsuits and I believe that’s what their going to do in my accutane case..when asked they gave me a percentage lower than 50 percent so how would I not make any money?

i’ve read articles on the firm getting into settlements worth millions of dollars so if they charge me for example 40 percent… and the settlement is 10 million wouldn’t I get 6 million?

what kind of lawsuit should I do to make it worthwhile?

leach? wtf I got colitis and an inflammation over this drug

Answer by The Violatorthe only one who makes money on class action suits are the lawyers

and its just another reason tort reform is needed

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]]> this affect my lawsuit, or should it be okay?, 24 May 2012 02:41:41 +0000admin by : Would this affect my lawsuit, or should it be okay?

I am currently suing a dermotologist for literally almost killing me. I was on a acne medication called minocycline and they upped my dose and never checked my blood, so little did i know the dose was too high and my liver was close to failing. I have gone to a new doctor and she put me on a small dose of minocycline and checks my blood every month. This medication is not working for me for some reason anymore and the only other thing to try would be accutane.

Would going on accutane affect my lawsuit in any way? i dont think it should.

Answer by sitcpsitcbThis would be a really good question for your lawyer.

No one here can answer it because we don’t know your medical history or the details behind your suit. I can think of a few scenarios in which it would affect your case, so if you’re worried about it, check with your attorney.

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]]> much do you think ill get?, 19 May 2012 22:40:04 +0000admin by chadweiser: how much do you think ill get?

couple months ago i filed a lawsuit against the drug maker of Accutane. i was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitus in 2000. i might be in a small class action lawsuit of maybe a dozen other people. how much do you think ill get? im confident i should get something.

Answer by LibraryannaYou should ask your attorney that question. We can’t possibly answer without knowing a lot more details, including your medical bills, how it’s affected you, have you had to have surgery, what it means for your future, etc.

It also depends on the pool of money that has been awarded.

Also, if they have just filed the suit, then you don’t even know if a decision has been made in favor of the class.Nothing will happen until a settlement happens or a suit is tried. It will be years before you see any money.

If you are smart, you will act as if you won’t get anything and get on with your life. When it does come, then it will be a nice surprise.

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]]> control requirement for Accutane?, 19 May 2012 02:45:11 +0000admin by : Birth control requirement for Accutane?

I’m thinking I want to try Accutane, but my dermatologist (who recommended it) said that I HAVE to be prescribed birth control. I’m not gonna lie, I’m sexually active, but I had a bad experience taking birth control in the past (messed with my hormones and I don’t feel the same) so I REALLY am opposed to taking birth control pills. I am abortion is an ok option for me though, and I don’t want to get preggo anyway. Do you think I could just… not fill the prescription for birthcontrol? Would they be able to tell I haven’t been taking it when I go to the check ups?

I wish I could just sign a contract saying they have the right to file a lawsuit against me if I have a baby while on Accutane… I promise not to get pregnant, I’m just against the Pill…

I’d still consent to the pregnancy tests and take some of my own. But even if I get pregnant I can just get an abortion.

Answer by LekaYou have blood tests every month on accutane, I’m pretty sure they will know if you aren’t taking the pill.

I advise if you do it, you consent to the monthly pregnancy test too. How can you promise to not get pregnant? Ridiculous.

Or, there is no reason for you not to use other birth control. Find out if getting the implant/ injection will be risked also by the accutane.

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]]> I give further info after 1st answer?, 08 May 2012 06:50:30 +0000admin by Estella F: Cani I give further info after 1st answer?

Yes, thank you. I told my person I believe that Accutane was under lawsuit. And it does create serious medical problems. It’s right on this site. Thank you.

Answer by FroggieYo can add further details to clarify your question for other answerers, but if you comment on the first answer as to its accuracy, you could be reported for ‘chatting’. To add Additional Details to your question, open the question in your profile, then click the pencil icon to add more. Additional answers are only to help get the the best answer possible for your difficult questions.

For the example you mentioned above, you could quote another web site, but do not trust the complete accuracy of any answer in Yahoo Answers – they are only other people’s opinions, and we aren’t all experts by any means. (especially for things medical!)

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]]> i still try to get a prescription for accutane?, 07 May 2012 11:09:00 +0000admin by yoboiitroy96: should i still try to get a prescription for accutane?

i’ve seen the lawsuit commercial for them on t.v. as of late due to the fact that it “supposedly” can cause chron’s disease, but it seems like that’s something that’s very rare with this medication. should i still try to get it?

i’m a 14 year old boy with very oily skin just thought i’d add that based on answers i’ve gotten so far

Answer by ScottYou’re missing a few things.

Side effects сουld consist οf: Birth defects, Depressive disorders, Crohn’s disease, Inflammatory bowel disease, аnd ulcerative colitis.

Up to you, but seems pretty straightforward to me.

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]]> experiences with Accutane?, 29 Apr 2012 03:14:22 +0000admin by : Personal experiences with Accutane?

I took Accutane about 3 years ago and have been having issues since. Has anyone went through the lawsuit? Or heard anymore details about it? My doctor was concerned awhile ago I had crones or ulcerate colitis and sent me for my EDG but my insurance hardly covered anything!

Answer by pelicanMy niece had a lot of problems with it, but has not been involved with the lawsuit.

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]]> i continue using accutane?, 24 Apr 2012 23:05:23 +0000admin by angelarrr`: should i continue using accutane?

ive been using accutane for 2 weeks now and i wanna stop because of all the lawsuit commercials. my mom told me they’re just trying to make money but i did some research and it’s real.

should i stop using it or not? will something happen since i’ve been using it for 2 weeks?

last time i used it was 4 hours ago. it’s really working on my skin.

Answer by divemastermeYeah I saw those commercials too and thought to myself “Thank god I never took that stuff!” Accutane is some serious stuff and supposed to be used as a last resort medication.

I don’t really like taking meds to begin with so thats why I never took it. The FDA has a bad habit of overlooking some serious issues when it comes to meds. A med that needs you to have blood liver and pregnancy tests throughout it’s course just sounds like its way overboard for….acne.

Personally I feel that I would rather fight acne than a life long digestive problems.

For me Yaz is what ended up clearing my skin up.

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]]> have taken the prescription drug Accutane. Do I have a potential lawsuit?, 19 Apr 2012 03:52:30 +0000admin by skitzmjl19: I have taken the prescription drug Accutane. Do I have a potential lawsuit?

I have taken the prescription drug Accutane (Isotretinoin). I have since been Diagnosed with Severe Clinical Depression and Panic Disorder. It has messed up my life so badly. I am wondering if I have a potential case. Am I entitled to compensation? This drug may have screwed me up for life. I dont want to step away from this knowing I was totally screwed over. The drug was meant to eliminate my severe acne. IT DID NOT WORK. All it did is create a much larger problem for me. I need help I cannot find a lawyer that is interested. All the firms only are interested if ive suffered from bowel problems related to the drug. Know will even listen to me in regards to my Depression or panic issues.

Cherry I was not aware of the severity of the drug. Also accutane was listed as the 5 most dangerous drugs on the market. Nobody properly informed me of the potential danger involved. I now have to suffer for someone being neglectfull. The only danger I was mainly informed of was birth defects.

These answers are not the least bit helpful. That drug company has destroyed so many peoples lives. people only wanted to get rid of something to get rid of a problem that made them very unconfident. And this greedy company took advantage of that. Now I have suffered greatly at the cost of greed. As well as many other people. Some of you people really lack empathy and compassion.

Answer by Cherryaccutane was great for me i am very happy i took it

you knew there were risks going in it can cause many problems and there were risks and now you have to suffer the consequences

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