Botox: Fact or Fiction

Botox: Fact or Fiction

Over the years, much has been said about the use of Botox but here are some of the prevalent facts and myths about getting Botox.

Myth #1 Botox is not safe because it’s too new and little is known about it.

Fact: Botox Cosmetic has been approved by Health Canada and has an 18-year safety history with use of millions of people worldwide. Botox is a purified protein and a medical prescription product, which has been used therapeutically for over 17 years to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Myth #2 Botox will leave you with an unnatural “startled” look.

Fact: Botox is a technique-sensitive procedure. Treatments administered by an experienced physician will have natural looking results and consumers will not lose the ability to show emotions or expressions. The purpose of Botox is to soften wrinkles and preserve a more natural-looking appearance. After treatments, consumers generally look more relaxed and youthful.

Myth #3 Anti-aging creams work better than Botox Cosmetic.

Fact: There is no clinical evidence supporting that topical creams work better than Botox. Topical cream works well on the surface of the skin, however, Botox works below the surface of the skin to relax the muscles that cause lines to form. In a recent consumer report that tested the efficacy of some anti-wrinkle creams on the market, even the best performers reduced the average depth of wrinkles by only less than 10%. A magnitude of change that was barely visible to the naked eye! To boot, the luxury-priced skin-care products didn’t work any better than the drugstore brands.

Myth #4 Botox Cosmetic is a filler.

Fact: Unlike fillers, Botox does not fill in facial lines. It relaxes the muscles underneath the skin that are the main cause of frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Myth #5 Botox is too expensive.

Fact: The cost of Botox is in the ballpark of $400-$600 per injection- the price of a daily latte’. In fact, Botox treatments are comparable to other beauty regimens such as spa visits and nail/hair treatments over the course of 4 months.


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